Rules & Regulations
  1. All fees are payable at the beginning of each Term within the first two weeks or a late payment surcharge of 10% will be added to the bill.
  2. Half a terms notice must be given before terminating a course. Failure to do so will result in a Term’s Fees being charged.
  3. Fees are not returnable on account of illness, or for any other reason.
  4. A pupil may attend other classes during the week by arrangement with the Principal.
  5. The Principal may exclude from the class any pupil not making satisfactory progress or those whose avoidable absence or bad behaviour affect the tuition of other pupils.
  6. The right is reserved to discontinue any class, vary the time of, to sub-divide or combine a class as the circumstances may require.
  7. No responsibility can be accepted for any personal injury or loss of or damage to pupil’s property.
  8. Mobile phones must be switched off or turned to silent when in the studio.
  9. Hair must be tied back for all classes and the correct uniform and shoes must be worn.
  10. All pupils must wear a ‘Lorna Timms‘ Uniform Top to class.
  11. Parents are requested not to watch every week. Visitors by invitation only.
  12. Pupils wishing to take examinations in any subject must attend extra coaching classes prior to the exam.
  13. All students must bring their dance shoes, drink and snack in a dance kit bag or a ‘Lorna Timms Kit Bag’.
  14. Parents are reminded to name all dance shoes and tops.
  15. The Parent/Guardian gives permission for the school to use pupil’s photographs in any promotional material.