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“Wow! I do not have a bad word to say about this school. I attended dance classes with Melissa at Owlsmoor since i was five and stayed right until forced to leave because of university.

Leaving the Lorna Timms Dance School has been one my biggest regrets. Attending classes and participating in additional shows and galas really makes you feel like a team.. a team that in years to come will welcome you back from university with open arms. I look forward to that day.

Thank you Lorna and Melissa for the love of Ballet you have given me, this will stay with me forever!
Leanne xx”

“I was one of Melissa's first pupils in Owlsmoor and enjoyed 18 years of Ballet, Modern and Tap. I completed numerous exams and shows with Lorna and Melissa. I owe a lot to them and in honour of my fantastic dance teacher my daughter was named Melissa. I hope that she can carry on the love for dance in the under 5's next year.

Carey x”

“Lorna and Melissa Timms are the best dance teachers in the world, just like Leanne i also would not have anyone say a bad word about Lorna and Melissa”.


The best days of my life...thanx mellisa and lorna!!! Xx